• Air calipers are ideal for measuring outer diameters of jobs held between the centres on machine or interrupted shafts like Crankshafts.
  • 'V' support for perfect centering and stability. 'V' support with tungsten carbide pads for above diameter 16mm.
  • Multijet air calipers available for multipoint measurement i.e. to check crowning of crank pins and journal diameters.
  • Air Caliper gauges - Above Dia. 150 mm available on request.
  • Accuracy and repeatability in one micron.
  • Ideal for collared diameters i.e crankshaft pin and journal.
  • Can be supplied bench mounted for checking small diameters or against specific needs.
Technical Data Sheet
OD Range Air Gauge Unit
Dia 10 to 225 mm Module-1A