• J138. 'Push Down Type' thickness gauge is particularly useful where fine measurement is not required.
  • For example plywood. Pushing down the plunger with the index finger closes the measuring contacts.
  • Well-balanced frames and handgrips coupled with lightweight make these gauges easy to use for the measurement.
  • Available in different readings and travels.
  • Supplied with 10 mm anvil as standard. 20 mm and larger available on request.
  • For the American market, thickness gauges meeting the requirements of AGD standard available.
  • Available in different throat depths, suitable for different measurement requirements.
  • In series J130, J138/L, and J142, measurement pressure is independent of the user, resulting in accurate readings of thickness without personal bias.
Technical Data Sheet
Type Reading Range Graduation Depth of Throat
J130/0 0.1mm 10.0mm 0-10 30mm
J130/3 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-100 30mm
J130/1 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-100 1.2inch
J130/6 0.002mm 2.0mm 0-20 30mm
J130/7 0.002mm 5.0mm 0-20 30mm
J130/8 0.0001inch 0.05inch 0-100 1.2inch
J130/9 0.0001inch 0.2inch 0-100 1.2inch
J142/0 0.1mm 10.0mm 0-10 100mm
J142/3 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-100 100mm
J142/1 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-100 4inch
J138/0 0.1mm 25.0mm 0-10 50mm
J138A/3 0.01mm 25.0mm 0-100 50mm
J138A/1 0.001inch 1.0inch 0-100 2inch
J138/OL 0.1mm 25.0mm 0-10 50mm
J138A/3L 0.01mm 25.0mm 0-100 50mm
J138A/1L 0.001inch 1.0inch 0-100 2inch