• Swinging Arm Assembly enables the back plunger dial gauge to be used for internal work up to a depth of 40 mm similar to a lever type gauge.
  • 'G' Clamp, Tool Post Holder. Holding Rod and Universal Clamp allows multiple types of mountings possibilities.
  • Versatile combinations, allow gauging applications like concentricity checks, alignment of machine tools, testing parallelism and surface plate work.
  • For the American market, Universal Test Set meeting the requirements of AGD standard available.
  • Consists of Back Plunger Dial Gauge, 'G' Clamp, Universal Clamp, Swinging Arm Assembly, Tool Post Holder, Holding Rod, Tommy Bar and Anvil.
  • Supplied in a sleek wooden case with accessories.

1. G Clamp

2. Swinging Arm Assembly

3. Tool post Holder

4. Holding Rod

5. Universal Clamp

6. Tommy Bar

7. Anvil

Technical Data Sheet
Type Reading Range Graduation
UI01 0.01mm 2.0mm 0-50-0
UI02 0.01mm 2.0mm 0-100
UI51 0.001inch 0.1inch 0-50-0
UI52 0.001inch 0.1inch 0-100