• Point micrometers also known as screw thread micrometers and are ideal for measurement of web thickness of drills, small grooves, keyways and other hard to reach dimensions where regular micrometers cannot be used.
  • Available in 15° and 30° hardened steel measuring points having radius of 0.3 mm approx.

Brand: Baker Point Micrometers
Type: Special External Micrometer

Technical Data Sheet
Point Micrometer
Metric Inch
Type Measuring Range Reading Type Measuring Range Reading
30° 15° 30° 15°
MMP 1-25 MMP 2-25 0-25 0.01 mm P1-IN 1 P-IN 1 0-1 inch 0.001 inch
MMP 1-50 MMP 2-50 25-50 P1-IN 2 P-IN 2 1-2 inch
MMP 1-75 MMP 2-75 50-75 P1-IN 3 P-IN 3 2-3 inch
MMP 1-100 MMP 2-100 75-100 P1-IN 4 P-IN 4 3-4 inch

Micrometers are precision measuring instruments that use a calibrated screw to measure distances. These measurements are translated into large rotations of the screw that are then able to be read from a scale or a dial. Micrometers are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering. There are three types of micrometer: outside, inside, and depth. Outside micrometers such as point micrometers may also be called as micrometer calipers and are used to measure the length, width or outside diameter of an object.