Reversible plain plug gauges are highly demanded as it permits the use of both ends of the gauges so, the user gets two gauges in one. A damaged end can be turned around by simply opening the collet of the handle and turning the gauge so the opposite end essentially becomes a new gauge. A reversible plain plug gauge is therefore ideal in high volume inspection applications.

We provide these reversible gauges at reasonable prices and in specifications to the consumer needs. Our plug gauges can be availed in both regular and tailor made solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

The majority of our plain plug gauges are available to buy in a short lead time from our warehouses. Please contact us, to arrange these gauges for you.

BS: 1044 part1 1964 or CS 8

Size(mm) Price Stock
0.5-1 390
1.01-3 345
3.01-10 375