BA (British Association) Threads Gauges are used for fine fastening purpose specially in instruments.

We provide these BS Cycle Thread Gauge at reasonable prices and in specifications to the consumer needs. Our thread gauges can be availed in both regular and tailor made solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

The majority of our cycle thread gauges are available to buy in a short lead time from our warehouses. Please contact us, to arrange these gauges for you.

Basic Dimensions B.S.93-1951
Gauging Practice: B.S919, Part1, 1971

Size Thread Plug Double-end GO & NOGO Rs Stock Thread Rings GO Or NOGO RS Stock
0BA 2450 3650
1BA 2450 3650
2BA 2450 3650
3BA 2450 3650
4BA 2590 3970
5BA 3310 5430
6BA 3310 5430