Gauging of components like

Connecting rod - Bend, twist , Center distance, Diameters, Squareness of Big End Bore. Flatness of parting face of Big End Bore and Rod. Width of Big End, Center distance of Bolting hole of Cap and Rod, Thickness of Big End and Small End, Weighing etc.

Multigauging fixture to check:
  • Bend
  • Twist
  • Center Distance
  • Small end Diameter
  • Big end Diameter

Fixture to check Flatness of splitface of connecting rod and cap

Piston - Outer Diameters at various levels, Groove Diameteres, Groove Width, Gudgeon Pin Diameter, Compression Hight, Total Hight, Crown Height, Weighing etc.

Fixture to check Diameters at various levels including groove diameter.

Hand held Flat Air Plug Gauge to check width of Piston Ring Groove.

Cylinder block - Cylinder Bore at various levels, Crank Bore at different level, Crank Bore thickness etc.

Automatic Multigauging Machine to check main cylinder bore at 3 levels in X-Y axis.

Cylinder head - Cam Bores at various levels, Valve seat to valve guide concentricity, Height from Valve Seat Taper Dia to Top Face, Valve Guide Diameter, Angle of Deck, Seat and Throat with Width and straightness of Seat Face etc.

Hand held Electronic Gauging Mandrel to check Concentricity of Valve Seat Diameter to Valve Guide Diameter along with Valve Seat Diameter's Roundness.

Hand held Electronic Gauging Mandrel to check Valve Seat Diameter's Angle of Deck Diameter, Seat Diameter & Throat Diameter along with seat width and straightness of seat face.

Crank Shaft - Pin / Journals Diameters and their Ovality, Pin / Journals Width, Air Electronic / Contact type caliper for Diameter at One level / Three levels, Multigauging System for all journal Dia and Pin Dia at a time / Length / Throw / width and Angle of Pin Dia etc.

Hand held Air Electronic Caliper to check Pin / Journals Diameters and their Ovality.

Camshaft - All Bearing Diameters at a time, Lengths, Run out of Bearing Diameters, Angle of key way slot to cam rising Axis, etc.

Fixture to check 2 lenths and runout.

Fixture to check All Bearing Diameters at a time

Shell Bearing - Wall Thickness, Collar Outer Faces Total Width and Web Thickness etc.

Adjustable Air Gauging Fixture to check Thickness of Shell Bearing up to 15mm and ID range of 15-35mm and 35-150mm

Multigauging Fixture to check Collar Outer Faces Total Width and Web Thickness.