The inch gauges for U.S.A and Canada markets conform to ANSI specifications with anvil thread #4-48 UNF and clamping stem dia. 3/8inch.

The metric gauges for markets like India, Europe, South America, Japan etc. conform to IS, ISO & DIN JIS specifications with anvil thread M2.5 and clamping stem dia. 8mm.

Technical Data Sheet
Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation
56mm J01 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-50-0
56mm J02 0.01mm 10.0mm 0-100
56mm J03 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-50-0
56mm J04 0.01mm 5.0mm 0-100
56mm J05 0.1mm 10.0mm 0-10
56mm J06 0.1mm 25.0mm 0-10
56mm J08A 0.01mm 25.0mm 0-100
56mm JZ 0.01mm 0.8mm 40-0-40
56mm JO9A 0.002mm 2.0mm 0-10-0
56mm J10A 0.002mm 2.0mm 0-20
56mm J11A 0.002mm 5.0mm 0-10-0
56mm J12A 0.002mm 5.0mm 0-20
56mm J13 0.002mm 12.0mm 0-10-0
56mm J14 0.002mm 12.0mm 0-20
56mm J17A 0.001mm 1.0mm 0-100-0
56mm J50A 0.001inch 1.0inch 0-100
56mm J51 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-50-0
56mm J52 0.001inch 0.5inch 0-100
56mm J53 0.0005inch 0.5inch 0-25-0
56mm J54 0.0005inch 0.5inch 0-50
56mm J61A 0.0001inch 0.20inch 0-50-0
56mm J62A 0.0001inch 0.20inch 0-100
56mm J63 0.0001inch 0.50inch 0-50-0
56mm J64 0.0001inch 0.50inch 0-100
56mm JY 0.001inch 0.08inch 40-0-40