An ISO metric thread is the most common type of thread around the world used for joining various components. It is used to check the internal threaded hole and for measuring the sizes of wrenches, nuts, screws and bolts.

We provide ISO metric thread plug gauges & ring gauges from Master Metrology (India's leading thread gauge manufacturer) at reasonable prices and in specifications to our clients needs. Our products are available in a variety of dimensions that is sure to meet your different gauging and inspection needs.

The majority of our metric thread plug gauges are available to buy in a short lead time from our warehouses. Please contact us, to arrange these gauges for you.


Basic Dimensions IS: 4218 Part III-1976
IS: 4218 Part IV-1976
Gauging Practice IS: 2334-1975


Basic Dimensions ISO: 724-1978 (E)
ISO: 965/1-1980 (E)
Gauging practice: ISO:1502-1978 (E)