• We offer two air gauging systems - Module 1A and Module 2A- giving the most economical solution to your inspection needs on the shop floor.
  • High pressure system - High speed of response and self cleaning of gauging area ensures accurate reading of size,taper and ovality at a time.
  • System Pressure Check Gauge - provides a constant check on the system pressure i.e 3 bars (45 psi), regulated by a high precision regulator built in to the unit.
  • Each gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values. Module-1A: For Dia 6mm to 200mm.
  • Air Plug Gauge/Air Ring Gauge with jet ID size 2.07mm Module-2A: For Dia 1.5mm to 6mm Air Plug Gauge/Air Ring Gauge with jet ID size 0.6mm
  • Air consumption 46 LPM
  • Minimum line pressure required 4.5 bars (67 psi).
  • Non-contact Gauging - Long life due to minimal frictional wear.
  • Two Setting Masters - Ensures correct magnification of reading at all times.
Technical Data Sheet
Reading Range Graduation
0.0005mm ±0.020mm 20-0-20
0.001mm ±0.040mm 40-0-40
0.00005inch ±0.002inch 2-0-2