• All our products carry a certificate giving actual measured values, traceable to National / International Standards.
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Optical Measurements With non-contact measuring the measurements in 2D and/or 3D are performed without the risk of product deformation or damage. Within the (camera) field of view a very high accuracy can be achieved. The measuring speed of optical measurements with the DeMeet is very high. A 1

  • All processes are carried in house, guaranteeing quality and sustainability.
  • Raw material is procured from internationally known ISO certified organizations.
  • Set of Standard M3-6H to M12-6H Thread Plugs in a Sleek Wooden Box
  • Set of Standard M3-6g to M12-6g GO Thread Rings in a Sleek Wooden Box
Technical Data Sheet
Thread Plugs Taper Thread Plugs Thread Rings Taper Thread Rings
0.5 mm to 350 mm 1/16 inch to 10 inch 0.5 mm to 340 mm 1/16 inch to 8 inch
(Taper 1:16) (Taper 1:16)