Taper lock type plug gauges are non-reversible type gauges ideal for measuring deep hole within reach. They are considered the most popular style as they allow quick and convenient replacement of the gauge member. A worn thread gauge can be simply removed and a new replacement gauge can be inserted into the handle by press fitting.

We provide these taperlock plain plug gauges at reasonable prices and in specifications to the consumer needs. Our gauges can be availed in both regular and tailor made solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

The majority of our taperlock gauges are available to buy in a short lead time from our warehouses. Please contact us, to arrange these gauges for you.

IS:6137 1983 D.E.

Size(mm) Price Stock
3-10 350
10-20 350
20-30 450
30-40 550
40-50 625
50-60 755