• Working on the differential principle and virtually maintenance free.
  • Can be adapted for single parameter, match gauging or relational gauging applications in a multi-gauging environment.
  • Suitable for Air Plugs (APG)/Air Rings (ARG)/Air Calipers (AC) with 2.07mm jet diameter.
  • Supplied with quick connecting adaptors for connecting Air Plugs/Air Rings/Air Calipers.
  • If 1.5mm jets diameter Air Plugs/Air Rings/Air Calipers are to be used then it should be specified accordingly.
  • Air Electronic Column Unit with Microprocessor.
  • Built in Air to Electronic converter, allows it to be used as Air Electronic read out unit with enhanced capability.
  • Slim design makes it very convenient for multi-gauging - can banked within a small space.
Technical Data Sheet
Scale Reading Maximum Usable Range Accuracy/ Linearity Available for APG/ARG/AC
+/- 0.03mm 0.001mm +/- 0.022mm 0.0012mm 6mm to 150mm
+/- 0.1mm 0.002mm +/- 0.040mm 0.0026mm 25mm to 150mm