• For easy and precise maneuverability the base has a specially designed thumb grip.
  • Carbide tipped scriber.
  • Functions consist of Power ON/OFF, bsolute/Incremental mode, mm/in., Preset, Hold, and Tolerance setting.
  • Capacitive measurement system.
  • Maximum reading speed 1m/s.
  • Powered by easily replaceable Silver Oxide Battery.
  • Operating environment – Temperature 5 to 45 degrees C at < or = 80% Humidity.
  • Each caliper carries a calibration certificate giving actual values.
  • Robustly constructed, Stainless Steel column with clearly marked scale graduation.
  • A clear Multifunction Digital LCD display runs smoothly on the Analog vertical scale.
  • Fine adjustment with lock provided for ease of setting.
Technical Data Sheet
Model Range Resolution Accuracy
BDHG300 300mm/12inch 0.01mm/0.005" ±0.004mm
BDHG300 600mm/24inch 0.01mm/0.005" ±0.004mm