• The third bore gauge covering a range of 50-150 mm, is widely used in Automobile, Aircraft, Engine and Pump manufacturers.
  • High wear resistance due to carbide-tipped stationary and moving anvils.
  • Extra wide bridge ensures automatic centering in the bore. Self- centralising feature of this bore gauge ensures that the measurement can be done with minimum of skill.
  • Furnished in a sleek wooden case containing measurement anvils and extension rods with necessary tools.
  • Small bores from 10mm to 18mm.
  • Highly versatile 18-50mm bore gauge covers a large range for which one needs to generally purchase 2 bore gauges having ranges Ø; 18-35mm and Ø; 35-60mm.
18-50 mm Range (3/4"-2")
50-150 mm Range (2"-6")
Technical Data Sheet
Type Reading Range Graduation
J603 0.01mm 100mm 0.50-0
J609 0.001inch 100mm 0.50-0
J703 0.01mm 150mm 0.50-0
J709 0.002mm 150mm 0.10-0
J753 0.0005inch 6inch 0.25-0
J761 0.0001inch 6inch 0.50-0
D803 0.01mm 250mm 0.50-0
D809 0.002mm 250mm 0.10-0
D853 0.0005inch 10inch 0.25-0
D861 0.0001inch 10inch 0.50-0